Master of Craft

Let the master of craft introduce you to the goods…

To satisfy an interest in craft ale and for those looking to explore beers from the far flung corners of the globe, the James Watts is the place sample the wares.

With an array of over 100 beers to choose from, we have something to keep you interested as you seek out your new favourite tipple.

Enjoy some time with friends in a laid-back atmosphere with our simple platters and nibbles, mouth-wateringly tasty and served every day. A perfect complement to a glass of wine or a masterly crafted beer.

Best place to eat out in Cheadle - the James Watts
What's on in Cheadle at the James Watts

The Man Himself…

Sir James Watts was the classic type of Manchester entrepreneur; son of a self-made man, a free trader and entertainer.  He became a hugely successful textiles merchant with a vast warehouse on Portland Street, a master of his craft.  And was concerned not only with business but also to make a social mark.  He became Lord Mayor of Manchester between 1855 and 1857 and bought Abney Hall in Cheadle as his residence.  It was here he hosted royalty, famous authors and artists.  Introducing them to wonders of the world he had discovered trading across the globe.